Cardiology Consultation

Seeking advice from a cardiologist usually begins with a cardiology consultation. During this initial meeting, Dr Jordan will explore your symptoms and health concerns, to determine whether any cardiac testing is indicated and/or if treatment should be considered.

General Introduction

Private consultations with Dr Andrew Jordan, Consultant Cardiologist, are conducted at the Harbour Hospital, the Nuffield Hospital (Bournemouth), Poole Hospital and Bournemouth Hospital (Dorset Heart Clinic).

Cardiologists specialise in all matters related to the heart, including heart attacks, heart rhythm problems, valve disorders, heart pump failure (heart failure), inherited cardiac conditions, blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Consultation with cardiologist
The cardiac consultation forms the basis of your initial assessment and allows your subsequent heart tests and cardiology care to be tailored specifically to your needs. People under private cardiology care enjoy access and freedom of choice in terms of the location and timing of the care they receive, providing the flexibility needed to seamlessly manage your heart condition.

Cardiology with a Cardiologist

Dr Jordan prides himself in being professional, friendly and approachable. Whatever your symptoms, health concerns or expectations, please be rest-assured that Dr Jordan will put you at your ease and sensitively explore your symptoms to determine the best test and treatment options for you as an individual.

Who Needs a Cardiology Consultation?

People seek out for a cardiologist for many reasons. Most commonly, symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness, palpitation, fatigue or collapse prompt concerns regarding heart disease and a need to see a cardiologist. Alternatively, experience of a heart condition in a family member or close friend may result in concerns about your own heart health. Finally, a cardiology consultation or specific cardiac tests may be a requirement or felt desirable from an elite or amateur sporting perspective, in the absence of symptoms, to enable continued participation, free from fear of collapse from a cardiac condition.

Many patients are referred to a cardiologist by another healthcare provider, such as their GP. However, for Dr Jordan’s services, a referral is not required for self-paying patients and some patients covered by health insurance (depending on the provider).

Consultation with cardiologist

Preparing for a Cardiac Consultation

Prior to your cardiology consultation, please consider bringing a list of your medication, especially those related to heart disease.

Results and Treatment

Following your initial consult, you may be referred for cardiac investigations, or treatment may be indicated without delay. If applicable, your cardiac tests will be arranged through local services, either on an NHS or private basis (based on your needs and preference). Depending on these results, a follow-up cardiology consultation may be suggested and/or treatments recommended (such as health lifestyle measures, medication or cardiac surgery), though the cardiology treatment program will be tailored to your specific needs, health condition and preferences.

Why choose a private cardiology consultation at our Dorset heart clinic?

By choosing to be a private patient for your cardiologist consultation, you will be sure that you will be seeing Dr Jordan himself, rather than your care being delegated to another member of his team. In addition, your consultation will be booked at your convenience, free from waiting-lists, giving you peace of mind in terms of the health of your heart and ensuring the best treatment for your heart condition.

Consultation with cardiologist

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat before cardiology appointment?

Unless you are undergoing a pre-arranged test, you can eat and drink as normal before your consultation.

What do you wear to a cardiology appointment?

We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for your appointment.

What to expect at a cardiology consultation?

Dr Jordan listens to your symptoms, asks questions about your symptoms and medical background, and will perform a physical examination if indicated. First appointments may also be accompanied by a 12-lead ECG.

How long do cardiologist appointments last?

In general, cardiology consultations last between 30-45 minutes.