12 - Lead ECG

12-lead ECG

An ECG (or EKG) is an electrical recording of the heart, undertaken as a standard part of your initial private cardiology appointment, if not already performed by your GP.

Heart rhythm

Heart Rhythm Diagnostics

A disturbance of the electrical impulse controlling your heart beat (heart arrhythmia) is a common reason for seeking help from a cardiologist. A range of testing options are available

BP checker

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke and second leading cause of heart attacks. On the other hand, low blood pressure can cause symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness.
Excercise stress test

Exercise Testing / Stress Testing

As a specialist in non-invasive imaging and disease diagnostics, Dr Jordan is an expert in cardiac exercise stress testing. A cardiac stress test examines your heart’s performance during exercise
Ultrasound of the heart

Advanced Echocardiography

Echocardiography (echo) is an ultrasound scan of the heart, used primarily to diagnose valve problems, cardiomyopathy and heart failure. In addition echo can be used to plan treatment for
Heart Assessment before diving

PFO Assessment (diving)

As a specialist in cardiac imaging, Dr Jordan is able to assess the presence and nature of a patent foramen ovale (PFO), which may be relevant for your medical care if you are a diver or have suffered a stroke

MRI of heart

Cardiac MRI

A cardiac MRI study is often a key part of determining the health of your heart and planning treatment for heart disease. If cardiac MRI is applicable..

Athletes running

Athletic Screening

Check the health of your heart to prevent cardiac problems during exercise and any issues that could be affecting your performance. Over the past two decades, cardiac..

Consultation with cardiologist

Cardiology Consultation

Seeking advice from a cardiologist usually begins with a cardiology consultation. During this initial meeting, Dr Jordan will explore your symptoms and health concerns..


Heart Murmurs

Heart Murmurs

Heart murmurs are a common finding during physical examinations by healthcare professionals. If detected, particularly in adults, it is important that they are investigated.

heart palpitations

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are the awareness of your heart beating, usually in an irregular or quick manner. Palpitations can beĀ  harmless, though can be an indicator of an arrhythmia.

Chest Tightness

Chest Tightness

The sensation of chest tightness can naturally be a concerning symptom, as it raises the possibility of a problem with the heart or specifically a heart attack.

symptoms on cardiogram

Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter is a heart rhythm disorder caused by a short-circuit in the upper chambers of the heart (atria); typically the right atrium.