Frequently Asked Questions

What age should I see a cardiologist?

Anyone can see a cardiologist, though Dr Jordan will only see individuals aged 16 years or older. Younger patients should see the advice of a paediatric cardiologist.

What tests will a cardiologist do at first visit?

Dr Jordan will often consider a 12-lead ECG at your first visit. Any additional tests will be discussed with you at your consultation, being undertaken at the same time as your appointment only with prior agreement.

What is the most common heart test?

A 12-lead ECG and echocardiogram are considered the cornerstones of cardiac testing.

How long does a cardiology test take?

The duration of a cardiac test will depend on the specific test itself (please see the relevant section of the website).

What happens when you see a cardiologist?

Dr Jordan will discuss your symptoms and background, together with performing a physical examination, if relevant.

Is seeing a cardiologist serious?

Seeing a cardiologist does not necessarily imply a serious diagnosis; plenty of benign cardiac conditions can mimic serious cardiac disease.

Why do you need a cardiologist?

Cardiologists are experts in diagnosing and treating heart disease. You should see a cardiologist if you have symptoms suggestive of a heart problem or if you have been recommended to undergo cardiac screening.

What does a cardiologist check for?

Cardiologists are able to diagnose the full range of heart conditions, including problems with the blood supply to the heart, conditions affecting heart rhythm and structural/heart valve problems.